IDK, A$AP Ferg - Mazel Tov

Исполнитель:IDK, A$AP Ferg
Название:Mazel Tov
Размер:5.36 Мб
Дата:22 май 2020

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Текст песни IDK, A$AP Ferg - Mazel Tov

[Intro: IDK] Go, go Ooh, ooh, ooh Oh [Chorus: IDK] Ayy, ayy Ayy, ayy Ayy, ayy Uh-huh, uh-huh Ayy, ayy Ayy, ayy Hey, yeah Hey, yeah Hey, yeah Hey, yeah Hey [Verse 1: IDK] Mazel Tov to the game (Game, yeah) Livin' far from lames (Lames) Livin' out in the Hills (Hills) Jewish guys pay my bills (My bills) Jewish nigga pay my tax (My tax) Over five-hunnid racks (Racks) Uncle Sam need a slap My new accountant need a dap (What?) My new bitch need a bag Who? Me? Huh, laugh (Laugh) Bitch, you better save your money Get creative with the paper like arts and crafts Bitch, I'm archin' backs Nigga, I'm off the TEC Nigga, I built this house all by myself Bitch, where was you at? You was standin' in the back (Yeah) You was sittin' on another nigga lap takin' pictures (Yeah) That face crack-crack (Woo) You was never in the trap (Yeah) You was livin' in the dorm room, never, ever strapped (Yeah) In a sport backpack Matter fact (What?) you was wapped (Yeah) Wasn't you? He was hacked (Yeah) Have rich, you was sapped Lil' nigga, fall back (Yeah) You cap, cap, cap, cap (Yeah) [Chorus: IDK] Hey, hey (Ayy, ayy) Hey, hey (Ayy, ayy) Hey, yeah (Ayy) Hey, yeah (Ayy) Hey, yeah (Ayy) Ayy Hey, yeah (Ayy) Ayy, ayy [Verse 2: A$AP Ferg] My mom is my newest accountant She busy countin' my thousands I lost a lot of money, that was a diamond (Yeah) Whole fam proposition to power Put riches in the community Oh, we started facin' a problem (What?) Hey, steppin' undersea with a couple of bands Three hoes like I'm Santa (Ho, ho, ho) Turnin' Jacob to a dentist My money stormy, makin' rain like Kylie Jenner (Woo) When I'm on the mic and I spit that rap, I'ma kill track (Ah, ah) A$AP, I put New York on my back (Yeah) Tesla Cypertruck up on the dash (What?) Hunnid bitches, bad at this, then they dash They gettin' mad I'm the lord, I hit all the chats (Woo) They call on me, but I don't call 'em back I bark like a cue, why you cap or cap? AKA with the AK, she rat-a-tat-tat-tat [Chorus: IDK] Hey, ayy, ayy Hey, ayy, ayy Hey, ayy, ayy Hey, ayy, ayy Hey, yeah (Ayy) Hey, yeah (Ayy) Hey, yeah (Ayy) One, two Hey, yeah (Ayy) One, two, three Ayy, ayy

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